Orienteering Course

Orienteering is a sport in which, using an accurate, detailed map and a compass, people find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport. Tucker Brook Town Forest now boasts a permanent course.

Located in the forest are 13 orange and white 4x4 inch markers which are attached to trees. The location of these markers is indicated by red circles shown on the orienteering map. Maps are free in the town hall or print you own, you will need the map and the instructions. In the middle of the circle is a feature such as a boulder, cliff, knoll, etc. The legend on the map helps in identifying these features. Each marker is located near one of these features. If you follow the instructions and find all 13 control points you will be treated to a secret message. Have fun!

If you are new to orienteering, the US Orienteering Federation site is a great source of information about the sport. Courses vary dramatically in difficulty. Milford's Tucker Brook course is a beginners course. If you enjoy your adventure here, you may want to search out competitive events. Up North Orienteers is a local group who periodically hold events. Doing a search on the Web is also a good way to find other opportunities to enjoy this sport.

Parking is available on the EAST side of Savage Road underneath the powerlines. Although the woods are relatively safe, there are inherent dangers which could cause injury. Slips, trips, falls, insect bites, branch scraps, etc are all very possible in the woods. Pay attention to where you step and to what is in front of you to avoid injury. Hike with a partner whenever possible. If you do get lost, hike in an easterly, northerly or westerly direction which will bring you to either Savage or Whitten Road.